Why you need table linen rentals for your event

Why you need table linen rentals for your event


Table linen rentals give you that touch of class for your event. Think about how amazing table linens will match the color décor. The great thing is Hera event rentals have many colors to choose from, including some favorite colors like white, ivory, black, red, and blue. We offer from our standard polyester line to various patterns and designs to help you transform your tables!


We know that serving food and drinks are part of any event. However, messes and spills are bound to happen, if it’s an adult knocking over a glass of wine or a child making a mess with their food. The great advantage of table linens is the fabric absorbs most of these messes. The benefit is your guests may stay clean to enjoy the rest of the event.


When it comes to clean up, we all take a back seat. After the event, just place the table linens in your laundry bags, and Hera event rentals take them straight to the dry-cleaners.


Indoor or Outdoor events for special occasions are mostly once a year. You can save money by renting our table linens instead of purchasing even the plastic ones. Hera event rentals will determine the best size for the tables renting and always keeping your budget in mind.


Hera event rentals have a wide selection of table linens, so make sure to look at the product line. Our linens come in different sizes to accommodate your event. Please call us 305-606-1766 for more information.

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