Nationwide Shipping

We offer Nationwide shipping on our linen line of products.

We ship via UPS, and the cost depends on delivery location and weight. We don’t know the exact shipping cost of any order until it is packed and weighed for shipping; however, we can get you a shipping quote for proposal purposes.

When shipping back your rental products after the event, it’s straightforward.

When we ship your products to you, we enclose pre-paid return shipping labels. After your event, re-pack the used linens into the laundry bag we provided for your dirty laundry.  Then put the laundry bag in the shipping box and place the return shipping label. Take the shipping box to a location where UPS picks up. Many times, that will be at the location where you had your event. Otherwise, use the nearest UPS Store. We ask that you ship our products back to us on the first business day after your event. Should the linens not be sent back by that date, you can incur additional rental charges depending on when we receive it back.

If linens are wet, please open dry before packing in the dirty laundry bag. Mildew grows rapidly in damp, warm sealed environments such as a plastic bag and will always destroy linen. Also, be careful with candles. We will charge you replacement costs for linens returned with burn-holes or rips. Be sure to count your rental items before you send them back to us. We charge replacement costs for missing items.

Call us first if you have any concerns; we are here to minimize any damages that could occur.