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1.  What are your Office hours? Do you have a showroom?

Our South Florida Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM and Saturday & Sunday by Appointment only, please call for Appointment. We OPEN on Major holidays for business unless we decide to CLOSE, however we will notify our clients. After hours appointments on weekdays are available also by Appointment only. We highly recommend you visit our showroom. We will create a mock table set-up for you so can have that picture image. Please call our South Florida office to set an appointment at (305)606-1766.

2.  Do you Deliver? What are the costs?

Yes, we deliver anywhere in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Monroe County. All Delivery rates vary, depending on distance traveled. All delivery fees include pickup as well. Deliveries are scheduled between the hours of 8AM and 6PM. It is not necessary to be home for your delivery or pickup. Make sure you mention if you won’t be home so we can get any details necessary to secure the items.

3.  Where would you leave the equipment? 

We will deliver and pick up all our equipment from one location on the property. Please make us aware prior to delivery if our drivers will encounter any stairs, extended carrying, difficult driving terrain, or anything else that may affect the time frame or number of delivery personnel we send.

4.  Do I need to be present when Hera delivers or sets up?

As long as we have s a signed contract you do not have to be present. We will need you to leave us all phone numbers where you can be reached at during the day of your installation. If you have a sprinkler system, septic tank, or anything in the ground on your property we should be told about before staking. Please also make sure all outdoor items are not in the area of installation, this also includes any and all animal feces “Poop” on yard.

5.  When should I have my lawn cut for my event?

Make sure you DO NOT cut your grass the day of your tent install. The green sap that is left on the surface of your lawn will stain our equipment as we have to lay most of it on the ground during our install. Another reason would be is that we wouldn’t want your landscaper or yourself to interfere with the installation of your party. It is always best to leave your grass a little long. Grass wears better when it is longer. If your party were on a Saturday you would want your lawn to be mowed no later than Wednesday. Cutting your lawn after the tent has been installed can be extremely difficult with all the poles and stakes in the way.

6.  Should I rent sidewalls for my tent in case it rains?

That all depends. The sidewalls will increase the temperature under your tent by 10-15 degrees. Sidewalls are good if it is cold out, for privacy (maybe from a neighbor), and if you want to block out an unattractive view where your tent is set up.

7.  Will you set up the equipment? 

Set up is automatically included when renting dance floors, tents or technical equipment. For an additional fee, our delivery staff can also set up your tables and chairs. It will remain your responsibility to “tear down” the equipment and place it in one area of your property or an additional fee will be applied.

8.  Do you offer Sunday deliver, late night or delivery/pick up for same day events?

We’re one of the few that do. Same day pickups require an additional delivery fee. For example, if your delivery fee is $20, your same day pickup fee is an additional $20. All pickups or deliveries required after 10PM are charged a flat $100 after hours fee to cover labor overtime costs. Saturday and Sunday deliveries or pickups are allowed.

9.  Can I pick up my order?

If you live in the South Florida area and prefer to pick up your order and avoid shipping charges. Our will call hours are between the hours of 9AM and 5PM. Some items, however require delivery. Items such as bounce houses and tents are a few examples. Please call our office for more detailed information regarding other rental items.

10.  Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order if you come and pick the items up at our will call. However, we do have a minimum of $100.00 order for us to deliver your order in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Monroe County. With Hera Event Rentals no order is too small to large for deliveries.

11. How long is your rental period?

A typical rental period is 3 calendar days or the duration of your event. However, this means that you may be able to keep your rentals for a longer period of time without an additional fee depending on the items rented and your unique circumstances. For example, if you pick an item up on Thursday, since we are closed Sunday, you get a free day so your items may be returned the following Monday. Any will call items returned after a regular 72 hour period will be assessed a $25 late fee on the total order. The only way to ensure no late fees is to bring your items back on time. For events in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Monroe County, we will schedule our drivers to pick up orders that we delivered on the date specified on your order. We offer special rates for long term rentals.

12.  Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept Cash and Company check payments.

13.  How do I make a reservation? 

You may call our South Florida office at (305) 606-1766.

14.   How far in advance should I reserve the equipment I need for my event?

Please call us as soon as possible to reserve the equipment you need for your event. As we operate on a first come, first served basis so the faster you have your order the better. We have a large inventory to fulfill everyone’s last minute orders, but specific items need to be placed and confirmed as soon as possible.  All reservations are subject to availability.

15. What happens if we damage or lose something?

As for food stains on our linens, our laundry team can remove those stains. However if using candles please be careful as the melted wax will ruin the linen. We will charge you replacement costs for linens returned with melted wax, burn-holes, or rips. Also, note that mildew will almost always destroy a linen and you will incur replacement charges. If the linens are wet, allow the linens to dry before packing them in the laundry bags. Please make sure all items are accounted for and returned, as we will charge replacement costs for missing items. 

16. What if I need something you don't show on your website?

Give us a call and ask. We may have the item(s) but not posted yet, or we may be willing to either acquire or sub rent the item(s) for you.